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Sudoku Soup is my eighth Sudoku variation book. The Sudoku variations, there are ten new ones unique to this book, are all food themed.

For example, the first section has Cheese puzzles and Cracker puzzles. In a Cheese puzzle, I mark 2 x 2 portions of the grid. In each of these 2x2 areas, there are exactly two even and two odd digits. In the cracker puzzles, there are 18 cracker spaces marked in the grid. Each digit 1-9, appears on exactly two of those crackers. Once you've placed, let's say, two '1's in the puzzle, none of the remaining crackers in that puzzle will have a 1 on them.

The remaining puzzle types are also similarly themed - cashews, peanuts, alphabet soup, spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp, clams, pears and cherries. And of course, in the final section we blend them all together.

To see samples of these puzzles, you can check out Sudoku-USA's samplers here.