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Following is a list of all the books I've either authored, edited or contributed to. Several of these are now out of print or only available new from Cloud Kingdom Games or on eBay.


Sudoku Soup is my eighth Sudoku variation book. The Sudoku variations, there are ten new ones unique to this book, are all food themed.

For example, the first section has Cheese puzzles and Cracker puzzles. In a Cheese puzzle, I mark 2 x 2 portions of the grid. In each of these 2x2 areas, there are exactly two even and two odd digits. In the cracker puzzles, there are 18 cracker spaces marked in the grid. Each digit 1-9, appears on exactly two of those crackers. Once you've placed, let's say, two '1's in the puzzle, none of the remaining crackers in that puzzle will have a 1 on them.

The remaining puzzle types are also similarly themed - cashews, peanuts, alphabet soup, spaghetti and meatballs, shrimp, clams, pears and cherries. And of course, in the final section we blend them all together.

To see samples of these puzzles, you can check out Sudoku-USA's samplers here.

It was probably 2005 when my wife got me a Sudoku book. I’ve always liked puzzles and once I got past the beginners’ hurdles of Sudoku I went through the books pretty fast. From there I tried various Sudoku variations (Will Shortz’s “Favorite Sudoku Variations” in particular) and had much more fun with those puzzles than with the regular ones.

My wife and I had been doing crosswords together since before we were married and had been playing NTN trivia (now Buzztime) at restaurants. NTN/Buzztime trivia is a national game where you go to a restaurant, pick up a little wireless keyboard and play trivia games. They show questions on TV screens around the restaurant where you’re normally given five possible answers to each question. Your goal is to guess the right answer quickly. In most games they provide you will a couple of clues as time counts down and you can change your answer if you realize it’s wrong. It’s a great game to play as a team (we played for years at Ralphies in Louisville with a killer trivia team). Out of playing this game and trivia knowledge in general I came up with the idea for a Trividoku.

My latest Sudoku book, Sudoku in Wonderland, is now available. While the focus of the book is still on Sudoku variations, Sudoku puzzles that are more than just your normal 9x9, I had lots of fun with the illustrations and flavor text in this book. The storyline in the book involves the travels of a girl who has fallen through a rabbit hole in a Sudoku grid and wishes to return home. A three happens to come along to aid her in this journey, bringing her new Sudoku puzzles as she wanders through Wonderland.

Because of all the flavor text, I also needed lots of illustrations. To make these I used the DAZ Studio 3D program for posing models. There was a bit of a learning curve getting things right, but I had the advantage that the interior illustrations were all black and white, meaning I could cover up any oddities in my post-processing.

But - the flavor text and the illustrations are not the focus of the book, the puzzles are. There are over half a dozen new puzzle variations in the book, mixing and matching as you go. The 119 puzzles also include some "bonus" puzzles such as Trividoku and Island puzzles.

The book is now available on or can be special ordered by your local book store.

We started writing riddle books in the early 1990s, focusing first on their use in role-playing (our "Riddle Rooms" books) and then just as books of riddles. For us a riddle has a more specific meaning than in general, all of our riddles are poetic questions where we describe a thing, word or concept in a confusing way. For example,

I saw a pair of mountains
I saw them walk away
I saw them carry water
Where water's far away

The question of "what am I describing" is implied by the riddle. In this case we're talking about a * camel * (mark the text between the asterisks to see the answer).

Although all of us wrote riddles and puzzles, the following books are the ones where I was the lead author.